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Is This How Notifications Will Work In the new iOS?


Kwame Opam — If and how Apple fixes the notification system tomorrow is anyone’s guess. But the above image, courtesy of TechCrunch, seems to suggest something akin to accessing an active phone call from the springboard will be the solution.

Any guess beyond that is an even bigger speculation. This doesn’t look as great as we hoped notifications would look like, but it does make sense. Obviously, this could still totally be ‘shopped (who knows, the 11:54 PM on June 5th is in the future but the 23 degrees Celsius would mean it’s a Euro phone) but MobileNotifier, the popular jailbreak app designed by recent Apple hire Peter Hajas, does comes to mind. At the very least, we’ll find out more tomorrow.

iSpy Conspiracy: Break Apple’s Secret Tracking with This App (Gizmodo)

Sam BiddleiSpy Conspiracy: Break Apple's Secret Tracking with This AppNot entirely cool with the idea of your iPhone or iPad following your every move without your consent? Understandable! Luckily, only a day after the privacy revelation, a fix has been cooked up that switches off Apple’s covert tracking.

The root of the tracking problem is a single file that logs your location. Untrackerd nukes the location logs from that database. Although it requires a jailbroken device, it’s a cinch to use—it simply runs in the background, erasing that dubious info: “A package installs a daemon (process that can run in the background) to clean consolidated.db file. No new icons are added to your homescreen. There are no options to configure.”

Sounds good to us! This is, however, only a bandaid—a fairly inconvenient bandaid. This is a problem that affects and potentially compromises the privacy of every single iPhone and iPad user. And most of these users aren’t ever going to consider jailbreaking.

So as much as Untrackerd is a laudable effort, it answers none of the underlying questions about why this data was being logged in the first place where normal—not just carriers and law enforcement—can get to it from our computers and handsets. The only real fix will be one that comes from Apple, allowing all users to opt-out of the tracking with a simple tap. Or hey, crazy idea—don’t have it enabled to begin with. [via TNW]

What might Android gaming look like on a Samsung Galaxy S II?

“dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 CPU and Mali-400 graphics on a nice big 1080p television screen”

-from Engadget-

Dilbert… That Lost 4G Phone

This was just too good not to share with you all. I found this on the official Dilbert site.

hahahaha…. hahahah… haha… see more HERE.