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WOW Starter Edition lets you reach lvl 20 for free.

From Engadget

If there was one thing, one thing, keeping humanity safe from total enslavement to the grind of World of Warcraft, it was the fact that you have to pay to play the game for longer than a couple of weeks. Well, now we’re all doomed. Blizzard is replacing its 14-day WoW trial with a so-called Starter Edition of the massively multiplayer life usurper, which lets you reach level 20 without shelling out a penny. Of course, like any good gateway drug, this freebie is capped at the thoroughly insufficient 20 number and is sure to agitate folks into buying the full product. One small step for a software company, one giant leap forward for global obesity rates.

Lego Ships. These are cool!

E3 Babes… So Im Told.

Halo 4 … Holiday 2012

Bungie may have divorced itself from the Microsoft family, but there’s no chance in hell that Microsoft would let its biggest gaming property just fizzle out. No, the reins have been given to 343 Industries, a games studio owned by Microsoft, and that means that there will be a Halo 4 hitting the Xbox 360 during the holiday season of 2012.

Is This How Notifications Will Work In the new iOS?


Kwame Opam — If and how Apple fixes the notification system tomorrow is anyone’s guess. But the above image, courtesy of TechCrunch, seems to suggest something akin to accessing an active phone call from the springboard will be the solution.

Any guess beyond that is an even bigger speculation. This doesn’t look as great as we hoped notifications would look like, but it does make sense. Obviously, this could still totally be ‘shopped (who knows, the 11:54 PM on June 5th is in the future but the 23 degrees Celsius would mean it’s a Euro phone) but MobileNotifier, the popular jailbreak app designed by recent Apple hire Peter Hajas, does comes to mind. At the very least, we’ll find out more tomorrow.