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MS-DOS turns 30 Years Old Today!

On July 27, 1981, Microsoft purchased QDOS from Seattle Computer Products. It was a great deal.
When IBM came to Microsoft asking for a 16-bit operating system, the company had to scramble to get one together. Rather than writing a new one from the ground up, it turned to Seattle Computer Products and its existing 86-DOS (aka QDOS), and bought a non-exclusive license for $25,000. The next Spring, in May 1981, it hired away the program’s author, programmer Tim Paterson. And then, on July 27, it paid another $50,000 for all rights. A month later, it was shipping on IBM personal computers, and eventually turned Bill Gates and Paul Allen into two of the world’s richest men.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Your Way To a Faster Computer

(from Gizmodo) — Bet you didn’t know that half the files on your computer have not been used since the day they were created. And the answer to getting rid of them efficiently can be found in your garbage can.

According to researchers from Johns Hopkins, you don’t need some fancy computer file management tool. You just need some good, old-fashioned help from the waste management industry. Folks that work with garbage know how to sort through piles of trash and keep the good, discard the bad and reuse what they can.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins believe this is the model people should use when managing their computer. Computer owners should dispose, recover, recycle, reuse and reduce their files until they have minimal waste. Getting rid of this digital waste is not only liberating, it’s good for your overstressed, overfilled computer, too.

Syracuse Nationals 2011




Custom GSXR Built in Central New York

“This is one of my customers bikes. He brought in a stock GSXR and had us strip it down to practically nothing. Then I had the fun process of putting it all back together with only a few dozen extra add on’s including NOS.”


Located in North Syracuse a friend of mine had the opportunity to work on this bike. These pictures are the proof of all his hard work.