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Optimistic Science Fiction Stories that Could still Come True

Source: io9

Many of science fiction’s most rosy ideas of the future seem less and less likely, or they’ve already failed to materialize on schedule. But the future could still be a beautiful place.

There are still plenty of optimistic science fiction stories that haven’t been disproved yet. They don’t involve science that’s been debunked, or events that were supposed to have happened by now. If you need something to believe in, here are some positive science fiction stories that could still come true.

Top image: Monosquare by Sparth.

Nowadays, it feels like a lot of science fiction is focused on apocalypses and dark challenges. Meanwhile, a lot of the older, more upbeat science fiction is already expired. We didn’t colonize Mars by the year 2000. The Eugenics Wars didn’t happen. A lot of magical technologies, like faster-than-light travel, are seeming less and less plausible. We seem no closer to eliminating war and famine and other scourges.

So what positive, hopeful science fiction stories could you still believe are real — or at least make a case for? Here are some suggestions.

The Jetsons

What it’s about: This is probably the most classic utopian future that everybody has seen. It’s the year 2062, and everybody’s living in middle class paradise. It’s apparently a post-scarcity society. American manufacturing is alive and well, and George only needs to work nine hours a week to provide for a stay-at-home wife, his two children, and a dog. There don’t appear to be any poor people — in the Christmas episode, which is ostensibly a lesson about “giving,” Spaceley only learns to “give” George more time off, not to give to the poor. Still, we have no idea what sort of post-apocalyptic mutants might be inhabiting the surface of the Earth in this universe — we never see what’s happening on the ground, so it could be a zombie-strewn wasteland down there.

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NBA 2K12
NBA 2K12 (X360)
Take-Two Interactive, Sports
1 311,142 311,142
Rage (X360)
Bethesda Softworks, FPS
1 299,417 299,417
NBA 2K12
NBA 2K12 (PS3)
Take-Two Interactive, Sports
1 246,912 246,912
Dark Souls
Dark Souls (PS3)
Namco Bandai, RPG
1 166,526 166,526
Rage (PS3)
Bethesda Softworks, FPS
1 146,340 146,340