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Geek-Weekly.com was born on December 15, 2006. Geek-Weekly was an idea thought up by my friends and co-workers but only as a loving nickname for me because my various geek like background and tendencies.

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Well to start

I started playing with computers in about 1988 with my first computer the Tandy 1000. Sure it was used and I could not get any games to run on it but I did teach myself how to program in GW BASIC and make my own games. I have experience with computers in everything from hardware to software and system building to networking. I was part owner in a small computer company where I had the opportunity to learn even more. I continue to work with a variety of companies and associates to assist in the development of new web sites by providing graphic designs.

I actually went to school for Art and graphic design and I do try to pick up a pen or pencil to keep my skills sharp. I find myself using my computer to most of my designs these days with the help of CorelDraw and a digital camera. What!? No Photoshop? Yes i use that too.

Like most Geeks I am an avid SciFi lover and enjoy a variety of such shows and movies like Star Wars and Star Trek. And OK Yes I have been to one Star Trek convention back when I was in high school. SO WHAT!

I am also a bit of an Amateur PC Gamer. Amateur only because it gets too expensive to keep up.

Today I am an OEM Buyer for an incredible custom system builder in Central New York. I am truly happy working in this FAST passed industry where I have the ability to use past experiences as well as lean new ones.

Most importantly I am a Father. If I can teach just one thing it will be to cherish the creativity of a child and love what you do.