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International Auto Show Case

We had a great weekend at the International Auto Show Case in Syracuse NY. Take a look at these incredible photo’s by Eric Payne. His style is the new compliment to the auto enthusiast.


Say Hello to the Ford Amatoya

Say Hello to the Ford Amatoya. A concept Warthog-inspired fire-fighting vehicle, it is a sexy vehicle that can drench fires.

Designed by Liam Ferguson, the system is similar to an MRAP and is designed to as a quick response vehicle.
… or is it just a real life Blaster Master game?

Adirondack Nationals! and then some…


This weekend’s trip to the Adirondack Nationals produced some great PICS with a variety for vehicles. The streets in Lake George were lined with people looking to show off their ride. A detour to Saratoga Springs was equally rewarding. As the Wine & Food Festival and Ferrari Show started to come to and end for the day, we made a stop and took some shots.