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Geek Around the web this Week 0

Geek Around the web this Week

Help these 30-year-old Intellivision games live again on PC (engadget) One of the biggest problems facing video games as an artistic medium is one of preservation. Thanks to HD remasters, digital distribution and the...

If Nintendo made Legos 0

If Nintendo made Legos

Is this what games would have looked like if Lego made them or is it what Legos would have looked like if created by Nintendo? Hard to say but this is a wonderful and...

Past Posts in June 19

Past Posts in June

Allison Scagliotti Scagliotti was born in Monterey, California. At age five, Scagliotti moved to Mandeville, Louisiana, where she joined her school’s drama club. Allison moved to Los Angeles with her mother in 2003. She...