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The Moto 360 gets better!

As an owner of a Moto 360 its great to see it still have a life and continues to get better. I am the kind of person that keeps his phone on silent so getting these little alerts helps me to respond in a timely manner when a message is received.

Watching AVI Movies in Mac OS X

I am not going to lie. I am new to MAC and new to OS X. As I continue to learn the system I found I was stuck with video file formats. I found this info online and wanted to share… Audio Video Interleaved (AVI) files are a common format for compressed video clips. If you are a Windows user and video downloader you are familiar with AVI. There are several ways to view them in Mac OS X. Note: AVI files are often containers, and can contain audio/video compressed using varying different codecs (this is similar to an .mp4 file either using MPEG4 compression or H264 compression). Most AVI files use DivX, Xvid or 3ivX compression codecs. Third Party Applications There are 2 programs at present that can open .avi files and both are open source and free to download. Many users prefer to keep both installed to provide...

Blocking Apps on an iPhone

In an effort to keep our children both safe in this new digital world and honest when dealing with peer pressure, controlling their devices is just another parental responsibility. So many applications including Facebook and Snapchat are some of what today’s teens are using. Sometimes you might need to block your child from installing these apps. Here is how you do it… 1. Delete the app you do not want the child to use. 2. Go to Settings / General / Restrictions / Enable Restrictions a. You will need to create a 4 digit passcode b. If you forget the 4 digit passcode, the only way to reset it is to Reset the entire phone 3. Under Allow, turn off Installing Apps (this is remove the App Store icon from the phone) 4. As an extra precaution, you can also turn off In-App purchases 5. Scroll down on the Restrictions...


An interesting, artistic and a little creepy take on childhood characters. Had to share these pictures from Sylvain Sarrailh. Take a look at these and many more!

If Nintendo made Legos

Is this what games would have looked like if Lego made them or is it what Legos would have looked like if created by Nintendo? Hard to say but this is a wonderful and creative way to bring me back to my childhood.