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The Moto 360 gets better!

As an owner of a Moto 360 its great to see it still have a life and continues to get better. I am the kind of person that keeps his phone on silent so getting these little alerts helps me to respond in a timely manner when a message is received.

Top 10 Best Tech from 2013

I know that there are a lot of articles out there and I wanted to capture what I felt the top 10 tech items for 2013 were. In no particular order… Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Ridicule gargantuan tablets all you want. The Galaxy Note 3 may sport a gigantic 5.7-inch screen, but all that screen real estate is awesomely useful, the smartphone offers great battery life, and the included S-Pen stylus is incredibly useful if you like taking longhand notes. A 2.3GHz processor and 3GB of RAM help power this massive device, and what you end up with is a smartphone that practically eliminates the need for a 7-inch tablet. Massive smartphones aren’t going away—and the more we use them, the more we like them. And the Note 3 is pretty much the best “tablet phone” around.  


This is a great idea! Why are we not thinking this way in everything we do? Phonebloks!

The Samsung Galaxy S2 Phantom Button Press!

After several months with working with Sprint on line and the Sprint Store I continue to have the same problem with my S2. This was the letter to Sprint looking for a solution. I am having the same problem as before. The phantom button press. When in a LOW 3G location the lower buttons act like they are being pressed. This is a Samsung S2. I have been into the Sprint Store several times (look at my account) and this past weekend they replaced my phone with another S2. I am having the same problem. If the S2 has a known issue why does Sprint not force Samsung to take care of this or offer a ???like kind or better??? replacement. I am asking you to reset my eligibility so that I can start fresh with a new contract and a new phone. I am not paying any upgrade fee....

Top Tech Fails for 2012!

Well here we are at the end of another year and while many people are recapping the top tech for 2012 we here at Geek Weekly would like to revisit the top tech fail’s. No particular order…   Apple Maps What is more delicious then a new Apple product? I will tell you, it’s a new product and a new app with the promise of all the Apple goodness. Good job Apple! Your cult like followers are still driving around looking for their destination but if you ask them there is nothing wrong. I would like to know where your brain wash app is saved. All that aside it’s good for the big dogs to take a hit from time to time. Let’s face it no one is perfect.

The Best Products of 2012

Source: 1. Windows 8 Professional (operating system)     With its biggest OS rollout since Windows 95, Microsoft seeks to embrace all things computing with a one-size-fits-all operating system. Love or hate the new Start screen and app storefront, look beyond those polarizing elements, and you’ll find substantial performance improvements, numerous updates to critical features, and a largely successful effort to retain compatibility with desktop applications while also fulfilling the needs of mobile apps. Windows 8 has already spawned new designs and all sorts of hardware experiments. This bold step forward won’t appeal to old-schoolers, but its sleek, modern look just might win over a new generation of users that Microsoft must attract to remain relevant. 2. Apple iPad, 3rd Generation (tablet)     We’ve listed the third-gen iPad here because it had the biggest impact on the tablet market—it was the first to feature Apple’s high-resolution Retina display....

Are You Future-Focused or Present-Focused?

Source: Lifehacker Found this and had to share. Read it and think about it.   Derek Sivers Most people are naturally one way or the other—they either focus on long-term goals or they want immediate gratification. As entrepreneur Derek Sivers explains, always sticking to one pattern of thought is detrimental. The greatest success comes from overriding your natural tendencies to find a balance of the two. The Marshmallow Experiment Forty years ago, at a nursery school at Stanford University, psychology professor Walter Mischel ran an experiment. A bunch 4-year-olds were brought into a room, one at a time. They were given one marshmallow, and told they were allowed to eat it immediately, but if they could wait 15 minutes without eating it, they’d be given a second marshmallow, and could eat both. 70% of the kids ate the marshmallow right away. Only 30% of the kids could wait the full...