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Warp speed anyone?

NASA unveils its futuristic warp drive starship! Well here it is… NASA scientist and Advanced Propulsion Team Lead, Harold White, is in charge of the space agency’s efforts to see if a faster-than-light or warp drive is actually possible. Now, in conjunction with artist Mark Rademaker, White has unveiled a new starship design that shows how a ship might come to look in the future. Rademaker designed the first theoretical warp ship concept to consciously echo the Matt Jeffries design for the UEV-47; the first faster-than-light version of the Starship Enterprise. This new version of the ship is thought to be more compact, and according to Harold White, a better match for what the mathematics of an Alcubierre warp drive currently predict. In Harold White’s possible Alcubierre warp drive, the ring around the starship creates a “warp bubble” that allows for faster-than-light travel inside it Sure it’s still a concept...

“Top 10 Incredibly Useful Windows Programs”

[source = LifeHacker] Found this on LifeHacker and wanted to share…. Take a look!! 10. Speccy Maybe you’ve forgotten what kind of RAM you bought, or want a quick glance at your CPU’s temperature. Speccy scans your machine and gives you a complete rundown of everything, from model numbers to temperatures, fan speeds, S.M.A.R.T. status, and…well, pretty much anything else you can think of. It’s also available in portable form, so you don’t have to install anything—just stick it in a folder for when you really need it. For an alternative, check out HWiNFO.1

In-Home STREAMING from Steam!

What can I say? This has to be one of the coolest things to happen to PC gaming in a long time. I do not really consider myself a diehard PC gamer but I have several titles on my PC that I do like to play from time to time. That said I am not always in front of my computer (the one with all they horse power) where I can really enjoy it. As most people now I spend more time in other rooms of the house on my laptop and although it’s a quick little i5 notebook with 8GB it’s not a gaming system. With this latest feature from steam you can now play your titles from you gaming system on another PC in the home running the Steam client. Like remote desktop for games. Now the video performance can be handled by the PC with the power...

Friday Flashback

The good old days of computers. Sure they were slow and expensive but they started a new world tech magic. If you had one then you programmed you own software and lived on the command prompt.