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Actor Leonard Nimoy has passed away at age 83

As many of you, I too am just hearing the news. Actor Leonard Nimoy has passed away at age 83. It’s never easy to see one of your childhood heroes pass on. As you know Mr. Nimoy was best known on Star Trek as Spock. While other will write about the actor and the show he was best known for I would like to remember what he gave us. A character of logic and Science that offered balance to the otherwise hot head Captain Kirk. They taught us that being different was OK and working together we accomplish anything. It’s not just the character, it’s the memories we grew up with. Both what the show offered as well as the time spent with family. As I child I spent many weekends on the couch with my father watching the original series. No different than playing catch these are the bonds we take with us.

On to your next adventure sir! Stop and say HI to my father along the way. Rest in peace.

Virtual Facebook? What are we turning into?

What is the Oculus Rift? Thanks to Facebook millions of people are at least somewhat familiar with the Virtual Reality gizmo. What many want to know is what is their plan with this technology? With third-party concept, users browse an e-tailer using the Rift. After a few moments of browsing Facebook an individual clicks on a product advertised in the sidebar. He’s prompted to put on Oculus, at which point the user is immersed into a virtual Facebook marketplace, where he picks a designer bag off the shelf and turns it about as if he’s actually holding it. Combined with technology like the Connect the PC can recognize hand movements and the software responding accordingly. It’s of course just one company’s idea.
My opinion… Another social networking society fail. Continued barrios to real human interaction only breaks down the fundamental requirements for a healthy society.

How NASA might build its very first warp drive

Source: io9

This is an older story but I had to share this!!

A few months ago, physicist Harold White stunned the aeronautics world when he announced that he and his team at NASA had begun work on the development of a faster-than-light warp drive. His proposed design, an ingenious re-imagining of an Alcubierre Drive, may eventually result in an engine that can transport a spacecraft to the nearest star in a matter of weeks — and all without violating Einstein’s law of relativity. We contacted White at NASA and asked him to explain how this real life warp drive could actually work.

The above image of a Vulcan command ship features a warp engine similar to an Alcubierre Drive. Image courtesy CBS.

The Alcubierre Drive

The idea came to White while he was considering a rather remarkable equation formulated by physicist Miguel Alcubierre. In his 1994 paper titled, “The Warp Drive: Hyper-Fast Travel Within General Relativity,” Alcubierre suggested a mechanism by which space-time could be “warped” both in front of and behind a spacecraft.

How NASA might build its very first warp driveExpand

Michio Kaku dubbed Alcubierre’s notion a “passport to the universe.” It takes advantage of a quirk in the cosmological code that allows for the expansion and contraction of space-time, and could allow for hyper-fast travel between interstellar destinations. Essentially, the empty space behind a starship would be made to expand rapidly, pushing the craft in a forward direction — passengers would perceive it as movement despite the complete lack of acceleration.

White speculates that such a drive could result in “speeds” that could take a spacecraft to Alpha Centauri in a mere two weeks — even though the system is 4.3 light-years away.


Steve Ballmer’s Tearful, ‘Dirty Dancing’ Goodbye to Microsoft

Saturday, September 28, 2013 8:41 PM GMT

It’s hardly breaking news anymore that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be officially exiting his role as Microsoft’s top dog — and proselytizer — in roughly 12 months or so, give or take however long Microsoft’s board spends on the incoming CEO search.

And while we can certainly spend plenty of time speculating the big secret — who might replace Ballmer — the other slight mystery as of late is how Ballmer handled one of his latest “official” goodbyes of-sorts. We’re referring to his appearance at the recent Microsoft employee meeting: his last, big romp in front of the assembled Microsoft masses as the company’s CEO.

Ballmer, known for his love of the flair (and dancing), didn’t disappoint. Videos posted to YouTube of the final bits of Ballmer’s hour-long speech show his triumphant exit, accompanied to the tune of “I Had the Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing.

“My last song is one I’ve always wanted to use, but it was always deemed inappropriate – it’s a great song,” Ballmer exclaimed. “And I wanted to pick a song that was exactly perfect. A song that let me say thank you, a song that looked back retrospectively, and a song that celebrated the future. From one of my favorite movies, one of my favorite songs, and I think it has all that in it.”

The outgoing CEO – in both senses of the word – then spent the next good chunk of time clapping around the stage, hugging and high-fiving Microsoft employees, and trying to keep composure in an obviously emotional moment for a man who, previously, had been yelling at attendees to “soak it in” and describing Microsoft, quite simply, as “the greatest company in the world.”

“This isn’t about any one person, it is about the company, it is about a company that is important, that’s forward thinking, that’s innovative, that’s ethical, that hires great people and lets them lead great lives, that helps people around the world realize their potential,” Ballmer said.

“Microsoft’s like a fourth child to me. Children do leave the house. In this case, I guess I’m leaving the house,” he added.

As for who might be coming into the house following Ballmer’s official exit, speculation has been turned to former Nokia CEO (and now Microsoft executive vice president) as a likely top candidate. However, Ford CEO Alan Mulally has recently had his name jump onto the list of potential contenders, as it’s alleged that some of Microsoft’s “top 20” investors are backing Mulally as a result of the “turnaround expertise” he’s showcased while leading the American car manufacturer.

Gun control or greedy politicians?

If nothing more then to help this girl out, I will share this video. I believe that her willingness to stand in front of what I consider greedy self serving politicians speaks volumes to this topic. You really have to stop and think why a 15 year old can put things into perspective while the people we elected can’t get out of their own way.

Jetpack 2.2 Not updating!

Without me having to create another fucking online account I would love to know why the new Jetpack 2.2 for WordPress WILL NOT UPDATE!! I have been searching for an hour now and unless I want to Join another site or forum I cannot find any information why this update service is not working. Tried the automatic update and it brought my sites down!

This is just Sloppy!


if you are having problems updating your Jetpack using the automated option within your WordPress site try freeing up some bandwidth if you are performing this process from home. Make sure you are getting the best internet speeds you can. Try updating it again. If anything like the issue I was having you might be in the clear. GOOD LUCK!

adBrite to cease operations on Feb 1


Yesterday many received the following e-mail from adBrite.

Dear adBrite Publisher,

Over the last few weeks, adBrite and its management have been evaluating the go-forward plan for the business. Given market conditions and certain financial liabilities, in working with our lenders, we have decided to cease operations on Feb 1, 2013.
This is a difficult decision for all of us at adBrite. However, after much deliberation this seems to be the best course of action despite the impact it will have on all the employees, clients and partners who helped build this business. There will be a team in place as needed to assist with winding down.  

Thank you for being part of the adBrite community.

The adBrite Team

with adBrite closing down their operations publishers all over the web are scrambling to fine new advertising.

Who will you switch to?

Godaddy’s Slow Down!


If you are reading this today (January 11th, 2013) then you are one of the lucky ones! For most of today Godaddy’s Service has not been performing. Geek-Weekly and my other sites are loading (when they load) at a crawl.

At the moment Godaddy is experiencing a massive outage that is affecting hosted sites, services and mail for many of their users.


UPDATE: It looks like Godaddy is getting back to their standard speeds so that tells us that the challenges they were having with their servers is just about under control. As of 5:20PM EST on 1/12/13 they still had the alert on their support page.

Top Tech Fails for 2012!

Well here we are at the end of another year and while many people are recapping the top tech for 2012 we here at Geek Weekly would like to revisit the top tech fail’s. No particular order…


Apple Maps


What is more delicious then a new Apple product? I will tell you, it’s a new product and a new app with the promise of all the Apple goodness. Good job Apple! Your cult like followers are still driving around looking for their destination but if you ask them there is nothing wrong. I would like to know where your brain wash app is saved. All that aside it’s good for the big dogs to take a hit from time to time. Let’s face it no one is perfect.