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Transformers 4….. O… M… G… !

I really did not know what to think when they said they were making #4 but this looks impressive.

Remember Metroplex?


I can remember back to when I had the massive Metroplex Transformer when I was a child. He might not have looked this cool back then but through imagination we had some fantastic adventures.

The Best Products of 2012


1. Windows 8 Professional (operating system)



With its biggest OS rollout since Windows 95, Microsoft seeks to embrace all things computing with a one-size-fits-all operating system. Love or hate the new Start screen and app storefront, look beyond those polarizing elements, and you’ll find substantial performance improvements, numerous updates to critical features, and a largely successful effort to retain compatibility with desktop applications while also fulfilling the needs of mobile apps. Windows 8 has already spawned new designs and all sorts of hardware experiments. This bold step forward won’t appeal to old-schoolers, but its sleek, modern look just might win over a new generation of users that Microsoft must attract to remain relevant.

2. Apple iPad, 3rd Generation (tablet)



We’ve listed the third-gen iPad here because it had the biggest impact on the tablet market—it was the first to feature Apple’s high-resolution Retina display. But if you want to buy a full-size iPad now, get the fourth-gen model: It has a faster processor, better Wi-Fi capabilities, and improved LTE circuitry.


Syracuse Model Train Fair

Had a great time with my family at the model train fair. There is just something about these tiny and highly detailed sets that bring me back to my childhood. Take a look at the LEGO set as well.