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Help these 30-year-old Intellivision games live again on PC


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One of the biggest problems facing video games as an artistic medium is one of preservation. Thanks to HD remasters, digital distribution and the Internet Archive that’s becoming less of an issue. But we still need to do more to keep a record and constant catalog of gaming’s past moments. That’s the idea behind the awkwardly named “Intellivision Gen2 Video Games for PC & Mac” on Kickstarter. As you might imagine, it’s modernized versions of Intellivision titles. Astrosmash, Nightstalker and Shark! Shark! will get the new pixel art, expanded levels and scope should the project reach its $100,000 goal.

12 Robots That Will Definitely Kill You 


 This robot was adorable and they were going to send him inside to get blasted away by a crazed killer. Not so. The robot inched along the street, then up the path to the house. It opened the locked door with ease and proceeded to follow and film the killer. He shot at it. It kept going. He went upstairs to escape it. It climbed up right behind him. He shot at it again.


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