Remember the Intellivision?

Do you remember the Intellivision by Mattel? Next to Pong this was the first video game system in my house when I was growing up. You really cannot even compare these older systems to what we have today. These were the first to bring the arcade home. This was a time when the family and friends would gather to play these games for hours on end. Even these poor graphics would not stop me from spending afternoons from playing games like Burger Time or Pitfall.

If you are one of the lucky ones that remember this then you must know what PlayCable is? Yup! We had that too. What was almost light years before any cable internet service or any internet service for that matter, this add-on box would give you 50 games a month though your cable provider.

Awesome memories of a time when you could put fake wood grain on electronics because it was cool.

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