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OK, so get this. I do some part time work fixing computers for end users for a company that has squads of people. This is a retail setting so working with the end user and providing customer service is the name of the game. End users please do not take offence to this but use this as an education. Before you blow your mind and start blaming the retailer for your computer challenges you need to take some ownership for you own activities.

I completely understand that everyone has different levels of understanding when it comes to computers but if you do not know how to drive do you blame the dealership if you crash? NO, but they are still there to help you fix it.

A while back I had a customer come in and start screaming at me that touchpad on the laptop was bad and kept shutting off. After spending some time with his verbal abuse I told him to start up the laptop and start surfing the web and show me how he uses it. Keep in mind this guy was convinced that WE made it that way. I watched him use his laptop and sure enough he was able to replicate the issue. What is funny here is I watched him repeatedly bump into the button that turns it on and off.

I stop the customer and basically just give it back to him. “You know if you were watching what you were doing you would see that it is in fact YOU turning it on and off… There is nothing wrong with your laptop and coming in here blaming us because you’re not paying attention is un-acceptable!”

I do want to say thank you to those of you that are true customers but there is a fine line when using the term ‘the customer is always right.’ When did Americans lose their common sense? Come On People we can do better than that… be better than that!

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