Internet Getting Slower?

Is it just me of does the Internet feel like it’s getting slower? Or is this statement just an un-intelligent statement? Living in the Central New York area it just seems like things are just slower. I guess it only makes sense that I would see a slow down. Several devices: laptop’s, Video Game systems; smart phones are connected to my home network. Far more than in previous years. To be fair most of the devices are not on at the same time and after the kids are in bed there is really only 2 laptops and a tower PC connected yet there is still what I would consider a slow down with basic Surfing.

This is not just an at home issue but I wee this at the workplace as well. Sometimes loading up the most basic sites can be slow. Are there too many IT resources being run? I am not really sure.

While looking at some of my favorite Tech Sites I saw an article on Tom’s Hardware saying that the U.S. Military has ban sites like YouTube, EBay, Amazon, and ESPN. According to the article this was not because of the content but more about freeing up the bandwidth. The article goes on to say it is for Humanitarian efforts in Japan. But lets’ face it we stream so much data today that we could be hurting our own internet response time.

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