Mission Motors reveals Mission R electric racing superbike, conceals price

“From engadget.com”

Not impressed by the Mission One? We’d bother to ask when your last mental health checkup was, but at this point, it probably doesn’t even matter. If there’s an ounce of warm blood left in your body, chances are you’ll be at least partly invigorated by Mission Motors’ latest cycle, the Mission R. Hailed as the outfit’s latest electric racing superbike, this slice of highway heaven packs 14.4 kWh and 141 horsepower in a package smaller than a modern 600cc sportbike, and for the gearheads in attendance, you’ll be pleased to know that the liquid-cooled 3-phase AC Induction motor conjures up 115 ft-lbs of torque at the crank from 0 to 6400 RPM. Tim Prentice of Motonium is responsible for the chassis, and the entire bike is expected to make its debut early next year in the TTXGP racing series. As for a consumer price and ship date? Keep dreaming. On both fronts.

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