T-Mobile & Sidekick Data Outage

I am sure if you have a T-Mobile Sidekick then you know about the outage that Microsoft/Danger’s servers have caused. In the latest update, dated 10/10/09, it was mentioned that customers contacts are more than likely, not recoverable. You know where I am going with this.

I find it extremely surprising and frustrating that ANY company that deals with data can let something like this happen. Are you telling me that they had NO form of backup in place on these servers or was it someone’s incompetence that allowed this to happen? As a paying customer, I would like to think that if part of my service is the fact that my contacts are backed up on these servers then I would fully expect that the appropriate failsafes would be in place. Thanks again Microsoft!

Does everyone remember when the ZUNE crashed last year? For some BS reason it could not work the last day of the year. It had something to do with the extra day in the year giving us 366 days. And let’s not forget VISTA! So again, Microsoft lets us down. How is any of this acceptable?
This is not just a Microsoft issue as their partner Danger is just as much to blame as well as T-Mobile themselves for not having any form of quality control in place to prevent this from happening. Yeah, Yeah… make whatever excuse you want for them.

Update! 10/14/09

So as they continue to work on the server challenges they have become optimistic that they might be able to recover some of the lost data however considering we are in the 2nd week I do not see it happening.

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