MOTO 360 not vibrating on alerts!

For some time now I have been searching the web looking for more information as to why my MOTO 360 will not vibrate to let me know I have received emails, texts or calls. I recently upgraded from the HTC one M8 to the Samsung Galaxy S6 where it started with no notifications when receiving TEXT messages. Later is was on incoming calls. The MOTO 360 would light up but not vibrate at all. Most recently receiving Gmail.

I have performed factory resets countless times and I have un-installed and re-installed Android Wear related apps on my phone. Nothing worked! I was at the end of my rope until I found an article about how the Gmail app was not vibrating as well and had to be adjusted in settings. It did the trick!

Who knew that turning on the vibration under the notifications actually allowed the MOTO 360 to vibrate? That said I also found this to be true in Textra (my preferred texting app) and in my phone settings. Locating the notification setting in each app then turning it on


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