Need more STAMPS?

It’s time to start using Stamps again! More and more it seems that we over try to protect ourselves from SMAP and Viruses and to that end we hurting our ability to instantly communicate like we come comfortable with. Daily I have to review the messages on my SPAM filter to see what it in there that I really need and without fail I have 1 or more messages that were captured and held agents their will. So if I am facing this challenge then how many other people are too? (I know you are) The next question is how do I know that an e-mail I sent actually makes it to the recipient. Sure if I’m using outlook I can request a read receipt but many online web mail accounts do not offer that. Gmail has yet to offer a read receipt option. We now have to second guess if our messages are making it and follow-up with a call or a letter “did you get my e-mail?” So I guess my e-mail is now becoming less of a need and more just another thing I have to babysit. I’m better off not logging in and just picking up the phone. But you know what? That is just fine with me. I will not have to see the Ads on the side of the page in my WEB mail or deal with the SPAM that does not get caught.

How do you protect yourself from Uncertain e-mail’s? Abstinence!

I’m buying more stamps!

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