PlayStation is 15!

Happy birthday PlayStation!


the original PlayStation appeared in North American stores around this time 15 years ago.

I’ve been a gamer all my life, though admittedly I started at the dawn of the Nintendo age with the original NES. But still, I feel old as the original PlayStation appeared in North American stores around this time 15 years ago. (As a side note, the Dreamcast just passed its 11th birthday.)

It was this week in 1995 that Sony started on its quest for dominance of the video game industry – something that it would have for a decade.

“When you look in the rear-view mirror at what was happening in 1995 you see that the video game industry was an entirely different animal. Cartridges were still the preferred medium, and the market was a modest $2.6 billion in sales revenue annually. Many critics thought that a disc-based console with a lot of horse power would shoot over the heads of consumers, but our users proved them wrong,” said Jack Tretton, CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. “Now, we are seeing a convergence of video games and home entertainment, and a market that is a robust $20 billion in revenue. In the next 15 years and beyond PlayStation will continue to bring new and more immersive experiences, like stereoscopic 3D, augmented reality as well as genre-defying gameplay into consumer living rooms.”

In honor of the 15 year anniversary and over the next several months, Sony is rolling out the follow promotions:

* Free downloadable PS3 & PSP static themes available for download on the PlayStation Store starting today
* Weekly discounts on select PS One titles within the PlayStation 15th anniversary collection page, available in all SCEA territories on PS3, PSP & Media Go Storefronts. In addition to a 50 percent sale on Super Rub A Dub (Super Rub A Dub offer good from Thursday, September 9, 2010 – through Monday, September 20, 2010).
* A PlayStation Home commemorative Original PlayStation (PS One) ornament for personal spaces available starting today.

Check out Sony’s 15th Anniversary page here….

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