Remember When… Y2K

My story is simple but so true. In 1998 to 2000 I had a computer store in a small town in Florida that was full of retirement communities that were looking for help on just some basic use. During that time I did some teaching at the local cultural center (community center) to try and build some business. As I am sure you can imagine my students started at 65 years of age and up.

As 1999 started to come to an end everyone was so concerned that their computers were not going to work. I tried to educate them that most computers we just fine and there was no need to pay any extra to have someone tell them that. During one of my classes this topic came up again and I told them all yet again “It’s going to be just fine. Your average computer will work OK when Y2K comes.” Then one of my students Yelled out, “What about the year 3000? I do not want to buy a new computer if it’s just going to have a problem then too.”

I did not know what to say other than, “does it really matter? Think about it.”

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