The TSA Finds About 5 Guns at Security Checkpoints EVERY DAY

Going through airport security is hell in a hole. We all know that. What is this liquid that’s two ounces too heavy? Is that really a teddy bear?Apparently, some people don’t care and think they can sneak a gun through security checkpoints. Seriously! On a typical day, the TSA confiscates four to five guns from passengers.

How in the hell? What are these people doing with guns at an airport? I don’t even want to whisper the G-word or the B-word (bomb) when I’m near those stiff TSA pricks. You’ve seen what happened to Harold Lee and Kumar Patel! The TSA says that most people claim that they just forget the weapon was in their bag (the entire South just nodded their head) which I guess is no harm no foul. But sometimes, it’s heavy artillery, a passenger at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport had a carry-on bag with two pistols, three magazines, eight knives and a hand saw. That guy was arrested.

The TSA isn’t perfect, they’ve let a gun accidentally board an airplane before, but weeding out four to five weapons a day makes me feel a little better about taking off my shoes.

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