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The Moto 360 gets better!

As an owner of a Moto 360 its great to see it still have a life and continues to get better. I am the kind of person that keeps his phone on silent so getting these little alerts helps me to respond in a timely manner when a message is received.

Some HTC Sense devices found to contain security vulnerability

Source: HTC users, take note: a new security flaw has been found in some Sense-enabled handsets that allows apps with Internet permissions to gain some sensitive data on your handset that’s being collected by an HTC logging app. According to the folks at Android Police, newer HTC phones running Sense (like the ThunderBolt and EVO 3D) include an app called HTCLoggers that collects data like phone numbers in your call log, email addresses, and GPS location info and then sends all of that back to HTC. Users are given the option to not have the data sent to HTC upon first setup of a Sense device, but that doesn’t stop the HTCLoggers app from gathering the info in the first place. The problem is that HTC’s app is built in such a way that any other app that requests Internet access could gain access to the data inside HTC’s logs....