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Samsung’s profits down again! 0

Samsung’s profits down again!

It’s interesting to hear that Samsung’s profits are down again. It’s said they forecasted much higher than what their demand was on the new phones. I got news for you Samsung, you are not...

This Week From Around The Web! 0

This Week From Around The Web!

Apple Watch APP Roundup (Engadget) It’s Apple Watch day. And whether you received one already, or are stuck waiting a few weeks for it, you’ll want apps to make the most out of your...

Vintage Apple Computer! 0

Vintage Apple Computer!

Saw this on Engadget and thought it was cool. Here’s an update for all the collectors of vintage Apple Computer-wares out there. If you’ll recall, it was a few weeks back when Sotheby’s announced...

iPhone 5! or not? 0

iPhone 5! or not?

OK here is one for you… If this video Real or Fake? New OS and larger display? Personally I feel it’s too soon to say but I want to say FAKE at this point.

iOS 5 review 0

iOS 5 review

Source: Engadget By Dante Cesa posted Oct 12th 2011 2:00PM Now well into its fifth year of life, iOS has always been known for its exceptional polish — and also, its glaring feature holes....

Tribute Videos to Steve Jobs 0

Tribute Videos to Steve Jobs

Albert Einstein once said that “Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius-and a lot of courage-to move in the opposite direction.” and Steve jobs...

Remembering Steve Jobs 0

Remembering Steve Jobs

Today is a sad day not just to the Apple followers but too many of us in the tech community. It is hard to deny the impact that Apple and Steve Jobs has had...

Lost iPhone 5 0

Lost iPhone 5

Source: GIZMODO San Francisco Police Now Admit Participating in Search for Lost iPhone 5 The San Francisco Police Department has changed its tune. It now says officers did come to the home of Sergio...