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Friday Flashback

The good old days of computers. Sure they were slow and expensive but they started a new world tech magic. If you had one then you programmed you own software and lived on the command prompt.

Top 10 Best Tech from 2013

I know that there are a lot of articles out there and I wanted to capture what I felt the top 10 tech items for 2013 were. In no particular order… Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Ridicule gargantuan tablets all you want. The Galaxy Note 3 may sport a gigantic 5.7-inch screen, but all that screen real estate is awesomely useful, the smartphone offers great battery life, and the included S-Pen stylus is incredibly useful if you like taking longhand notes. A 2.3GHz processor and 3GB of RAM help power this massive device, and what you end up with is a smartphone that practically eliminates the need for a 7-inch tablet. Massive smartphones aren’t going away—and the more we use them, the more we like them. And the Note 3 is pretty much the best “tablet phone” around.  

SteamOS! Valve’s free Linux-based operating system.

Source: PCGamer.com The SteamOS beta has released to the public alongside the initiation of its beta program, which will put 300 prototype Steam Machines into the wild. For the estimated 7,129,999,700 of us not selected for that program, a living room machine running the new, free, Linux-based OS is still doable, though installing it may require some tinkering—Valve suggests you wait until 2014 unless you’re an “intrepid Linux hacker.” Challenge accepted. At the time of writing, Valve has not officially announced that SteamOS 1.0 “Alchemist” is available for download. We expect a page to go live at store.steampowered.com/steamos/beta/ later today. [Update: it’s live.] Steam Universe group officer Jvert (presumably Valve engineer John Vert), however, has confirmed that the correct download link is at repo.steampowered.com/download/. Unfortunately, that download will most likely fail right now. To help spread the data, Steamdb has created an unofficial torrent, but use caution when downloading from...

Acer to have Google Chrome

More info is surfacing about Google Chrome and Acer to have the first netbook to market. N the weeks to come it is expected that Acer will introduce its Chrome based system. It is very interesting to see how Google’s mobile OS Android has taken the #2 spot in smart phone systems. With a PC based on another Google OS I’m thinking that Microsoft is beginning to shake a bit. Although some do not believe that Chrome is ready for the big time it will still be interesting to see where this first step will take us. More to see on Engadget

Desktop Video Cards

If any computer component has constant change it is Desktop video cards. With a life cycle ranging from 3 months to a year the vast majority of desktop or consumer video cards have very short lives. That rapid change makes it difficult to choose the best card for the application. If you have a specific application in mind that is. Understanding what you need is going to be your first requirement. Some basic questions to consider would be the following… • Am I playing Games or just Web and Office? • Will this PC be used for Video? • Do I need more then 1 display? The most Basic configuration (out of the box) would be to use the on board video provided with most motherboards. This is Ideal for the user that has one display and is only using the internet and basic use of Office applications. With the...

Remember When… Y2K

My story is simple but so true. In 1998 to 2000 I had a computer store in a small town in Florida that was full of retirement communities that were looking for help on just some basic use. During that time I did some teaching at the local cultural center (community center) to try and build some business. As I am sure you can imagine my students started at 65 years of age and up. As 1999 started to come to an end everyone was so concerned that their computers were not going to work. I tried to educate them that most computers we just fine and there was no need to pay any extra to have someone tell them that. During one of my classes this topic came up again and I told them all yet again “It’s going to be just fine. Your average computer will work OK...