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Is it True? David Tennant is returning…

This just in:

David Tennant is returning full time as The Doctor from 2014, in a story penned by RTD, who has been asked to return to Doctor Who following the departures of Matt Smith and Steven Moffat in the Christmas Special. It’s thought to be linked to the 50th and the Parallel Earth Doctor getting caught in a regeneration crisis that reverses the process. Details are only just coming to light, with Tennant confirmed for the 50th and now the Christmas Special, allowing Smith to follow his Hollywood dream, Moffat has been approached to write a major blockbuster film script involving, oddly enough, a time traveler.

April Fools!    (or is it?)…..

Gallifrey One 2013

Founded in 1989 by members of the local Southern California fan organization, the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles, Gallifrey One Conventions has run an event every year since 1990, and has over time become one of the world’s most popular fan-run themed events devoted to the series and its spinoffs. MORE

Happy 49th Anniversary Doctor Who!

On this day 49 years ago, the Doctor first appeared on TV screens across the UK. 10 regenerations and nearly 800 episodes later and Doctor Who remains the longest running and most successful sci-fi TV show in the world!

Source: BBC

In 1963 the BBC broadcast that thrilling and otherworldly theme music for the first time and viewers were introduced to the Doctor and his incredible TARDIS. At the close of the episode his time machine left present day Earth far behind and began a journey, a journey that introduced the world to Daleks, Cybermen, Time Lords and the idea that bow ties really are cool. It’s a journey that still goes on today and continues this Christmas with The Snowmen

But before that, why not take a trip back in time and see how it all began? Our expansion of the site is well and truly underway and if you’ve ever wondered about the First Doctor, the one that started it all or ‘the original’ as he put it himself, then why not plunge into his adventures? We’ve got almost one hundred new galleries for you to explore and over 80 exciting clips from his stories, plus Fact Files for every single one, photo-novels and much, much more.

Revisit early Dalek epics like The Chase and The Dalek Invasion of Earth, check out the very first battle with the terrifying Cybermen or in light of the anniversary, why not travel back to 1963 and see how Doctor Who began by meeting An Unearthly Child

Dr Who – The Snowmen (2012 Christmas special)

The Christmas special is following Moffat’s tradition of adapting Christmassy stories, and this time it’s The Snowman. As with the previous two Christmas specials, it won’t be a truly faithful adaptation, and obviously has a science-fiction twist to it.

The Snowman (or possibly Snowmen) isn’t/aren’t actually made out of regular snow. They’re made out of alien snow. Living snow with its own consciousness. And the snow is very, very hungry. Packed together into a humanoid figure, it’s deadly. Also, Vastra is narrating the episode.