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Minecraft Server (Thank you)

Lets take a moment to thank ServerMiner for their Minecraft server plans. This is who we have been using for our provider hosting our own small Minecraft world. For more information about our Minecraft Server and our Social Network please see Craftbook.net.  

Top 10 Best Tech from 2013

I know that there are a lot of articles out there and I wanted to capture what I felt the top 10 tech items for 2013 were. In no particular order… Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Ridicule gargantuan tablets all you want. The Galaxy Note 3 may sport a gigantic 5.7-inch screen, but all that screen real estate is awesomely useful, the smartphone offers great battery life, and the included S-Pen stylus is incredibly useful if you like taking longhand notes. A 2.3GHz processor and 3GB of RAM help power this massive device, and what you end up with is a smartphone that practically eliminates the need for a 7-inch tablet. Massive smartphones aren’t going away—and the more we use them, the more we like them. And the Note 3 is pretty much the best “tablet phone” around.  

NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience gaming tune-up now in open beta

Source: Engadget & Nvidia NVIDIA wants to tweak gaming performance through its GeForce Experience software. Nvidia has had the new software in testing for over a month now. If you have been curious what it’s all about, then there is some great news as that the company just recently opened the beta program to all of us. Along with bringing faster and better-looking graphics to the PC gaming masses, the public version widens the optimizations to include Core 2 processors, 2,560 x 1,440 displays and games like Far Cry 3 and Mechwarrior Online. It’s not yet clear when Nvidia will have the new software completed but with the advantages this could bring to gaming it’s going to me interesting to see what they have up their sleeves. If you are interested in downloading this beta CLICK HERE!

Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft: three different views on portable gaming

Source: Engadget   Tim Cook says the darnedest things. Why, just last week Apple’s head honcho suggested that iPad users are ditching their home consoles in favor of Cupertino’s favorite slate. Bold words, ones that can’t be sitting well with the gaming industry’s big three. Steady thy rifle, hardcore gamer, Cook has a point: the console wars have shifted irreversibly. Gone are the days of bickering over somewhat similar 16-bit consoles and their supposed lack of “blast-processing”; today’s gaming armies wage war with wildly different artillery. In the pursuit of your mobile gaming dollar, Nintendo toed a traditional line with a new twist. Sony, on the other hand, seems to have bundled every input method it could get its mitts on into its next-generation portable. Microsoft, however, puts the “mobile” in mobile gaming, echoing Apple’s own approach with an Xbox Live platform that eschews dedicated hardware to float across Windows...

Got my PS VITA!

Geek-Weely original I was going to write about the un-boxing of my PS Vita on the 22nd but then I realized that the topic is already overdone. Sure we could review the system specs or the game play but again that’s something everyone is already talking about. So I figured that I would get a few days behind me and share my initial thoughts. [ad code=1 align=center] Expectations: The screen! What can I say… this is absolutely amazing and probably one of the clearest I have ever seen. The touch screen is extremely fluid with what little content there was to scroll through. This area defiantly exceeded my expectations. PSP backwards compatibility. Although there are some titles that are being offered on the PlayStation Store I was a little disappointed to find that the copy of Little Big Planet that I got free as part of their network / security...