Are you a Verizon Wireless Droid user stuck in Spain or France?

A few days back, while checking messages on my HTC Eris I had noticed my Weather/Cock widget was showing me the weather and time for Gazost. For a moment I thought my settings had switched languages or something. Not thinking much of it, and because I don’t use the GPS Navigation on my phone all that much, I let it go figuring it would right itself over time. As of this morning, it hadn’t. Searching and scouring the message boards, I happened upon a few fixes that worked for some phones, but not mine. Here is one that is reported to have worked on the Incredible, Thunderbolt and now has worked on my Eris. This may or may not work on your phone, but it worked for me. Don’t shoot the messenger (or bother asking for further support/suggestions) if it doesn’t work for you. I’m not a real tech dude, and haven’t tested this on any other phone. I’m just someone who found a quick fix for my own situation and wanted to share.