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Is the internet slowing down?

Is it just me or does the internet seems to be slowing down? I know that I am on-line all the time but it just seems like there is an increasing slowness on the web. Home and work I feel like I am stuck in slow moving traffic on a single lane road with no way to pass. Someone tell me what is going on.

Godaddy’s Slow Down!


If you are reading this today (January 11th, 2013) then you are one of the lucky ones! For most of today Godaddy’s Service has not been performing. Geek-Weekly and my other sites are loading (when they load) at a crawl.

At the moment Godaddy is experiencing a massive outage that is affecting hosted sites, services and mail for many of their users.


UPDATE: It looks like Godaddy is getting back to their standard speeds so that tells us that the challenges they were having with their servers is just about under control. As of 5:20PM EST on 1/12/13 they still had the alert on their support page.