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iPhone 5.. or is it?

As the date approaches for Apple’s announcement of the new iPhone 5 I found this video to be particularly interesting. Is this real?

iPhone 5! or not?

OK here is one for you… If this video Real or Fake? New OS and larger display? Personally I feel it’s too soon to say but I want to say FAKE at this point.

Lost iPhone 5

Source: GIZMODO San Francisco Police Now Admit Participating in Search for Lost iPhone 5 The San Francisco Police Department has changed its tune. It now says officers did come to the home of Sergio Calderón, looking for a missing iPhone 5, but that only Apple employees went inside, according to The SF Weekly. After previously telling both Gizmodo and The SF Weekly that the San Francisco police had no record of being involved, SFPD spokesperson now tells The SF Weekly that “three or four” officers did in fact take part in a July search of Calderón’s home. However, these plainclothes officers apparently did not enter the premises. Calderón confirmed to The SF Weekly that only two people entered his home, who were apparently Apple employees. However he was under the impression that these too were police officers. None of the people who came to his home identified themselves as Apple...