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Blocking Apps on an iPhone

In an effort to keep our children both safe in this new digital world and honest when dealing with peer pressure, controlling their devices is just another parental responsibility. So many applications including Facebook and Snapchat are some of what today’s teens are using. Sometimes you might need to block your child from installing these apps. Here is how you do it… 1. Delete the app you do not want the child to use. 2. Go to Settings / General / Restrictions / Enable Restrictions a. You will need to create a 4 digit passcode b. If you forget the 4 digit passcode, the only way to reset it is to Reset the entire phone 3. Under Allow, turn off Installing Apps (this is remove the App Store icon from the phone) 4. As an extra precaution, you can also turn off In-App purchases 5. Scroll down on the Restrictions...

What if the iPhone Was Responsible for the Evolution of Man?

Source: Gizmodo If the iPhone was the catalyst for human evolution, it probably would have looked something like this 2001-inspired iPhone dock, which combines Lego, Apple and Stanley Kubrick in a single, glorious entity. Consider it your alpha and omega, [Reddit via Wired Design]