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Watching AVI Movies in Mac OS X

I am not going to lie. I am new to MAC and new to OS X. As I continue to learn the system I found I was stuck with video file formats. I found this info online and wanted to share… Audio Video Interleaved (AVI) files are a common format for compressed video clips. If you are a Windows user and video downloader you are familiar with AVI. There are several ways to view them in Mac OS X. Note: AVI files are often containers, and can contain audio/video compressed using varying different codecs (this is similar to an .mp4 file either using MPEG4 compression or H264 compression). Most AVI files use DivX, Xvid or 3ivX compression codecs. Third Party Applications There are 2 programs at present that can open .avi files and both are open source and free to download. Many users prefer to keep both installed to provide...

Friday Flashback

The good old days of computers. Sure they were slow and expensive but they started a new world tech magic. If you had one then you programmed you own software and lived on the command prompt.

Mini MAC on Raspberry Pi

Source: Engadget Apple may please fans of diminutive hardware with the Mac Mini, but John Leake of the RetroMacCast has created something that can satisfy fans of miniature and classic hardware: a tiny replica of the original Macintosh. The aptly-dubbed Mini Mac sits at 1/3 the size of the original, is crafted from a PVC board and crams a Raspberry Pi inside. In order for the board to fit however, Leake had to solder wires instead of relying on connectors, trim the SD card and snip part of the USB cable. When it comes to visuals, the box packs a 3.5-inch display, which receives 512 x 384 output from the Pi. As for connectivity, the package supports a wireless keyboards and mice via Bluetooth, plus it exposes two USB ports, an HDMI slot and an ethernet jack. Not only does this slice of the 1980s have the looks to match...