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NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience gaming tune-up now in open beta

Source: Engadget & Nvidia NVIDIA wants to tweak gaming performance through its GeForce Experience software. Nvidia has had the new software in testing for over a month now. If you have been curious what it’s all about, then there is some great news as that the company just recently opened the beta program to all of us. Along with bringing faster and better-looking graphics to the PC gaming masses, the public version widens the optimizations to include Core 2 processors, 2,560 x 1,440 displays and games like Far Cry 3 and Mechwarrior Online. It’s not yet clear when Nvidia will have the new software completed but with the advantages this could bring to gaming it’s going to me interesting to see what they have up their sleeves. If you are interested in downloading this beta CLICK HERE!

Desktop Video Cards

If any computer component has constant change it is Desktop video cards. With a life cycle ranging from 3 months to a year the vast majority of desktop or consumer video cards have very short lives. That rapid change makes it difficult to choose the best card for the application. If you have a specific application in mind that is. Understanding what you need is going to be your first requirement. Some basic questions to consider would be the following… • Am I playing Games or just Web and Office? • Will this PC be used for Video? • Do I need more then 1 display? The most Basic configuration (out of the box) would be to use the on board video provided with most motherboards. This is Ideal for the user that has one display and is only using the internet and basic use of Office applications. With the...