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PlayStation Vita 2000

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To augment the new Vita’s built-in storage, Sony’s cut the prices of its own memory cards too. From 4GB to 32GB, they’ve been reduced to between 1,554 yen (about $15) and 6,804 yen (just over $68). There’s a new 64GB Vita card too, priced at 10,479 yen (roughly $105).

As for that original OLED model PS Vita, it’s getting a new ‘Play!’ Game Pack, which comes with pre-installed games and a memory card packed in — as well as 90 days of PS Plus, gratis. There’s no launch date as yet for this bundle, but it’s priced for Japan at 24,129 yen (about $241). The company says that it’ll ultimately discontinue the OLED WiFi model, but that the 3G/WiFi OLED version will continue to be available and will find its way into similar discount bundles in the future — make of that what you will. Sony’s press conference continues, but we’re hoping to get to test the device later on. Wish us luck.

Sony PS Vita demo hardware drops in at US GameStop locations, lets you go hands-on

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By posted Feb 5th 2012 10:49AM

Live within the United State’s borders? Fingers itching to spend some quality with Sony’s latest portable gaming sensation before the First Edition Bundle lands on February 15th? Good news is here then, since GameStop has equipped “over 3,300” of its retail stores with PlayStation Vita demo kiosks. The rigs will you to score some quality hands-on time with many of its upcoming titles, including the likes of Uncharted: Golden Abyss and wipEout2048 — perfect if you’re not sure about reserving one just yet. Hit up the source link below to find a Vita-packing location near you, and don’t forget to check out our review of the Japanese variant if you need even more help making up your mind in the meantime. Full press release after the break.

Update: We’re hearing from many of you in the comments, noting you’re finding Vitas at some GameStop locations locked-up, and for your eyes only. So heads-up: your mileage may vary. We also want to add that according to GameStop’s website, it currently has 4,460 stores in US, meaning there’s a very solid chance the one near you might not be included in the demo.

Update 2: Also worth note, a few other folks have mentioned that certain BestBuys will also let you get paws on one.

PSVITA launched…. in Japan

I know that I have been posting quite a bit when it comes to the PSVITA. And if you know me them you also know I’m pretty excited about this new system from Sony. This past weekend the PSVITA was launched in Japan and as quick as they were sold it was quickly noted that there were problems with the software. Poor touch response and even system freezing were among the complaints that hit sites like twitter. It looks like Sony knew there might have been an issue because what only seemed like hours Sony had released a software patch and apology. As unfortunate as this is it’s not out of the norm. New systems tend to have some bugs in the first few days / weeks of this release.

I’m hopeful that this will be corrected in time for the US launch on February 22nd.

PlayStation Vita in Japan on December 17th?

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Sony’s just announced in Tokyo that the PlayStation Vita will debut in Japan on December 17th, and it’ll partner with NTT DoCoMo for the console’s prepaid 3G service. Customers will have two choices of connection here: 980 yen ($13) for 20 hours, and 4,980 yen ($65) for 100 hours — see press release after the break. Alas, the rest of the world will still have to wait until 2012, but you’ll know more concrete dates as soon as we do. For now, head over to our sister site Joystiq for the SCEJ press conference liveblog.

Update: Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono came on stage to mention that Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 would launch simultaneously with the console. Square Enix also announced that the PS2’s Final Fantasy X will be remastered for the PS Vita, and it’ll be in PS3-like quality; sadly, there was no date nor demonstration.

Update 2: The first 500 units sold will come with 100 hours of prepaid 3G connectivity. Want in? Pre-orders open on October 15th.

Update 3: We now have a video demonstration of the Vita’s interface. Enjoy!