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PlayStation Vita 2000 0

PlayStation Vita 2000

Source: Engadet To augment the new Vita’s built-in storage, Sony’s cut the prices of its own memory cards too. From 4GB to 32GB, they’ve been reduced to between 1,554 yen (about $15) and 6,804...

PSVITA launched…. in Japan 0

PSVITA launched…. in Japan

I know that I have been posting quite a bit when it comes to the PSVITA. And if you know me them you also know I’m pretty excited about this new system from Sony....

PlayStation Vita in Japan on December 17th? 0

PlayStation Vita in Japan on December 17th?

Source: Engadget Sony’s just announced in Tokyo that the PlayStation Vita will debut in Japan on December 17th, and it’ll partner with NTT DoCoMo for the console’s prepaid 3G service. Customers will have two...