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The Samsung Galaxy S2 Phantom Button Press!

After several months with working with Sprint on line and the Sprint Store I continue to have the same problem with my S2. This was the letter to Sprint looking for a solution.

I am having the same problem as before. The phantom button press. When in a LOW 3G location the lower buttons act like they are being pressed. This is a Samsung S2. I have been into the Sprint Store several times (look at my account) and this past weekend they replaced my phone with another S2. I am having the same problem. If the S2 has a known issue why does Sprint not force Samsung to take care of this or offer a ???like kind or better??? replacement.
I am asking you to reset my eligibility so that I can start fresh with a new contract and a new phone. I am not paying any upgrade fee. I am aware of where I am in my contract however Sprint has not delivered the service or the hardware that I have paid for. If we cannot come to an agreement I will move my # and service to another carrier.
Sprint should have an obligation to their customers to provide reliable service including reliable hardware. If Samsung is not a manufacturer partner that will stand behind their products then Sprint and other carriers should not offer them.

Sprint responds with…

Your issue has been escalated to me to ensure proper resolution.
I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. However, Sprint only provides service to your device. The performance of your device is not a Sprint issue. I am not aware of this issue with all Galaxy S2 devices. If the replacement device is having the same issue you can always take it back to the store and get another replacement for the same device or a device of equal value.  You also have the option of going through the manufacturer “Samsung” to get a replacement.

After some additional back and forth with Sprint I am still no closer to a resolution that doesn’t cost me more money. Sprint’s last response was…

I really do apologize, at this time you are not eligible for an early upgrade.

The issue can not be a sprint issue if some phones work and some don’t. If the service was the issue, it doesn’t matter which phone you have it will not work. You can check out our refurbish inventory at www.sprint.com/preowned.

This is a bit of a slap in the face. You tell me that this is not a known issue… here are some links from people having the same issue.

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… and many many more links can be found on Google.

the BEST reason why this happens…

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Good Job Samsung  :-/