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Time Warner Cable Outage (CNY)

Well it looks like someone has gone a tripped over the extension cord again. Moments ago the central New York area was hit with a cable outage. It appears to have affected Syracuse, Liverpool, Oswego, Manlius, Baldwinsville, Bristol, Camillus, Fayetteville, Watertown, and Cicero. We are back up and television is operating fine. This service provider continues to fall down with its service and support for customers like us keeps declining. It’s not so much that the service went out for this short of a time but that fact that we have to PAY SO MUCH for any service that goes down. As a consumer paying a premium for any service I expect a cretin level of reliability. That said the Comcast merger will only add to the utility’s monopoly. If you do not think that you are trapped guess again. If you want power and you want your cable and...

Syracuse Model Train Fair

Had a great time with my family at the model train fair. There is just something about these tiny and highly detailed sets that bring me back to my childhood. Take a look at the LEGO set as well.