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Jetpack 2.2 Not updating!

Without me having to create another fucking online account I would love to know why the new Jetpack 2.2 for WordPress WILL NOT UPDATE!! I have been searching for an hour now and unless I want to Join another site or forum I cannot find any information why this update service is not working. Tried the automatic update and it brought my sites down! This is just Sloppy! UPDATE if you are having problems updating your Jetpack using the automated option within your WordPress site try freeing up some bandwidth if you are performing this process from home. Make sure you are getting the best internet speeds you can. Try updating it again. If anything like the issue I was having you might be in the clear. GOOD LUCK!

WordPress Lightbox not working?

OK… perhaps this just happened to me. I was working on some new posts today and ran into a situation where the built in lightbox or shadowbox plug-in would not work. I started searching the web for an answer. Hours of searching and trying other plug-ins I had NO luck and was just about to give up. Then I figured that just changing the properties on each image was all I had to do… Thank you Triggabytes.com for some help…   So if you go to the image and edit the properties you might see that there image link references an “attachment” but that is where the problem is. Click on “link to image” to fix an excising image. If you are adding a new Post or new Image to a post your options a little different. For the Link URL you want to click on the File URL button....