Almost time to get my VITA

It’s not every day that I experience true excitement over a new Gadget. As the PS VITA launch day approaches (tomorrow) I find that I can still be subject to that childlike wonder of a new toy. Sure I play games but not to the extent of a true gamer. I have never lined up to get the latest game or game system. I am not about collecting trophies or online play with the world. Buying the new Sony PS VITA is really the only time. Last night I took my son to game stop to look around and he wanted to look at used games, I wanted to see if they were opening for a midnight release. Like a kid wishing for a snow day that is not going to happen I felt an emptiness when I found out my Game Stop location would not be one participating in the midnight release. I will now wait for tomorrow morning. How disappointing!

So last night I had the opportunity to play the display unit. My first impression is the screen clarity is far better than I expected with the 5” OLED display. Navigating the menu was very fluid and the 3 minutes I had to play a game only left me wanting more.

What insanity! I’m a adult now so why on earth would I care one way or another when I get my Vita? It’s something to think about the next time my kids get all worked up out of excitement for a birthday or vacation.

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