Got my PS VITA!

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I was going to write about the un-boxing of my PS Vita on the 22nd but then I realized that the topic is already overdone. Sure we could review the system specs or the game play but again that’s something everyone is already talking about. So I figured that I would get a few days behind me and share my initial thoughts.
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  1. The screen! What can I say… this is absolutely amazing and probably one of the clearest I have ever seen. The touch screen is extremely fluid with what little content there was to scroll through. This area defiantly exceeded my expectations.
  2. PSP backwards compatibility. Although there are some titles that are being offered on the PlayStation Store I was a little disappointed to find that the copy of Little Big Planet that I got free as part of their network / security challenges last year was not offered as one of the titles I could re-download. Does Sony just want me to buy the new Vita version of the game?
  3. Streaming movies from my home Media Server. Guess what! Not supported. Not that this was an expectation but just as I use the PS3 and the Kids use their XBOX to watch movies I was really hoping that this same feature would be available on the PS Vita.


  1. The overall design of the PS VITA is truly almost perfect. Sure it’s a fingerprint magnet but so are all other touch screen devices. What I might have done differently is to not go glossy on the back. Similar to the touch-pad on a laptop I think a matte finish could have been done here.
  2. Game cartridge slot. My fingernails are short and opening this cover to put in a game cartridge in a little too much of a struggle.
  3. Memory! Again Sony forces us to use their proprietary memory. This is something that I do not agree with but what are we going to do about it?

Wish list:

  1. Application development is something I would like to see on the Vita. Not the crap you get on Android or iTunes but obviously game or tech related apps. Even an e-mail client to connect to my Gmail. After all the average gamer is communicating via e-mail or getting updates that way.
  2. Alternate instant messaging apps would also help to feed the social aspect of the device.
  3. Improved web browsing. Although the browser is an improvement over the PS3’s it seems to have to re-draw the page after each flick of the finger. This definitely needs some polishing.
  4. Angry Birds! It’s a no brainier… add a few of the top iOS and Android games to the Vita and you will be well on your way to making this system a true gaming platform.

It’s really too soon to see what’s going to happen with this unit but it is SONY and I would like to think they will make this work. Over all I think that this is a great system with so much potential. I for one am very excited to see where this goes.

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