PS Vita failure blamed on iPad and Android apps

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The evolution of competitive devices is starting to become apparent, so much so the future of the PlayStation Vita is concerning, with the failure of this handheld being blamed on iPad and Android apps among others. There’s no denying the PS Vita is a cool gaming device, but other avenues have also been producing some great approachable applications on other platforms, giving us cause to question how Sony’s handheld will fair as technology increases throughout the gaming world.

We are under the impression that the PS Vita is not fairing too well in Japan, in fact, it seems to be dying in this territory, and this could have a knock on effect in other countries. Highlighting the Vita’s poor reception Forbes report on how the PSP has sold 14 million units in Japan with 17m in the US, but the performance of the Vita has been questioned in Japan because the unit volume was a shocking 4,021 by the week ending on the 11th of November. The PSP sold 12,000 units during the same week, so the Vita has failed to dislodge the old one, which wasn’t forecasted.

With the Nintendo 3DS moving 186’000 units during the week, we get an overall perspective of the state of play, especially when you look at how Sony is doing. The PS3 is now regarded as an ancient device and the PS Vita is about to be knocked out of the portable console market, although Nintendo portable situation is also finding competition from the threat of mobile apps. While Apple’s iPad application market is coming on leaps and bounds with more sophisticated titles like “Clash of Clans” and “The Room” which are showing signs of console quality. In addition, Google has eventually started solving its app market problems and Android app revenue is rising rapidly.

In other PS Vita news, those who have experienced a bug issue with the firmware 2.00 should expect a 2.01 update shortly, and this is down to problems found causing the save upload functionality to fail. Our recent post highlighted the latest issue and how quick Sony have been in response informing gamers they are working on a new update to rectify this problem. Back in August, we mentioned the possibility of a Holiday Season price cut, and discussed how this won’t be expected back then, as Sony already explained this would not be happening anytime soon.

We were under the impression that they were working on a way to reduce prices but we were not given a timeline, although we made suggestions on certain ways this handheld would be more approachable with ideas of attractive bundles, cheaper memory cards and bargains that involve the PS3. Do you feel this time of the year would be the ideal situation for Sony to make some decent offers to accumulate more custom?

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